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Games & Immersive Content
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)
  • Video game design & development
  • Interactive experiences (Unreal & Unity)
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    Virtual Production
  • LED wall content built and operated in Unreal Engine
  • Previs & techvis for shot planning and blocking
  • Pipeline Deployment and Infrastructure setup
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  • Full-solution development from server-side to client
  • Complex cross-platform development
  • Team augmentation
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    Art Asset Creation
  • 3D and 2D art asset creation, optimized for game engines
  • Technical art & FX
  • From stylized to photorealistic
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    Digital Humans
  • Photorealistic digital human photogrammetry reconstruction
  • Game engine-ready assets
  • Live driving through facial and body capture
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    We happily do white-label development - so there's even more that we can't show you here
    Award-winning AWAY continues to catch the attention of the media and entertainment industry, and our community asked us talk about the creation of AWAY. So, in this video, we share the journey behind the scenes with AWAY - The Making Of.
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    Away is an XR narrative created by ICVR to explore the possibilities of storytelling in virtual production on LED volumes. We utilized Unreal Engine to create two distinct photorealistic virtual environments to showcase different use cases of this technology. The film was shot at the XR Stage facility in Los Angeles.
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    A look at how ICVR used Unreal Engine on the Ripple Effect project for LED wall virtual production, previs, and COVID safety-vis.
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    ICVR collaborated with ETC at USC on the Ripple Effect film. It was an ambitious and amazing project that shows what the future of filmmaking looks like movie and TV studios make a pivotal shift from more traditional methods of content production to virtual production and beyond.
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    We were blown away by the reaction to our digital human at SIGGRAPH 2019! Take a look at our hyper-realistic human avatar in action. Thanks to Dynamixyz & XSens for working with us on our face and motion capture solutions and Jason L. White for offering his likeness.
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    This is a photorealistic digital human, created from over 30,000 photographs and rendered real-time in Unreal Engine. ICVR, in collaboration with our friends at The Scan Truck, revealed the many possible applications of this tech at SIGGRAPH 2019.
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    This is a photorealistic digital human, created from over 30,000 photographs and rendered real-time in Unreal Engine. ICVR, in collaboration with our friends at The Scan Truck, revealed the many possible applications of this tech at SIGGRAPH 2019.
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    Botzees are cute programmable bots that YOU build and control using the latest in augmented reality. Botzees combines construction, creativity and coding to keep kids engaged and learning for hours. Created for Pai Technology.
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    Take a look behind the scenes at how the VO for our VR adventure game Star of Autumn was recorded, and the amazing talent who brought our characters to life.
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    Take a look behind the scenes at how the story for Star of Autumn was created, and the writers & designers who made it happen.
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    After 8 years of routine deep-space operation, all contact with Pegasus Station goes dark. It is your job to find out why. Announcing an upcoming Virtual Reality adventure game for SteamVR and Oculus by ICVR Interactive.
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    ICVR’s “AWAY” Named Winner of 5 Telly Awards
    Posted by Jorge Diaz Granados - June, 3 2021

    ICVR’s short film “AWAY” has been named the Winner of 5 Telly Awards in Non-Broadcast category in the 42nd Annual Telly Awards. The Telly Awards honor excellence in video and television across all screens and is judged by leaders from video platforms, television, streaming networks, production companies and including Netflix, Dow Jones, Duplass Brothers Productions, […]

    Tostitos 5 Ways to Cinco: Case Study
    Posted by Andrey Deynega - April, 19 2021

    Challenge: Tostitos’ 5 Ways to Cinco commercial features 4 distinctly different locations and times of day. Shot traditionally, this would have required 2-3 days of shooting, and 6-8 weeks of VFX work in post-production. ICVR was hired to figure out a way to execute this project in one shoot day and minimize the post-production work […]

    Remote Working – Tips & Tricks from an International Company
    Posted by Ihar Heneralau - March, 19 2020

    The COVID-19 pandemic is limiting the way we interact as human beings, and impacting every facet of our society. For businesses, this means teams working from home as employees follow the practice of social distancing.  For many who are not used to working remotely or don’t have existing processes set up, this shift can be […]

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #014 | VR Education w/ guest Taylor Freeman
    Posted by Super Admin - March, 9 2020

    We talk all things VR education-related on this week’s episode with special guest Taylor Freeman – co-founder of UploadVR We’ll also look at some of the latest industry news and market numbers. Learn from Taylor’s hands-on experience about what works and what doesn’t, what verticals present the best use cases for VR education, how it […]

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #013 | Virtual Production with guest Adam Maier
    Posted by Super Admin - December, 2 2019

    Check out Half-Life: Alyx and more industry news in our latest podcast! You heard that right! We’re going down the whole gamut of all the news in XR including a massive announcement from Valve, a rather unexpected acquisition from Oculus, the launch of Google Stadia, and yes, cows in VR. Show Notes:0:29 Half Life: Alyx18:13: […]

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #012 | Virtual Production with guest Adam Maier
    Posted by Super Admin - December, 2 2019

    Today’s episode looks at Virtual Production practices for Hollywood motion pictures and more! Featuring special guest Adam Maier, of Fox VFX labs. We explain what virtual production is, why it’s so important in today’s film production, and how it uses emerging tech like VR to bring CGI sets to life onstage.

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #011 | 360 Video Deep Dive
    Posted by chrisadmin - August, 5 2019

    Today we look at the world of 360 Video- we tout it, we criticize it, we discuss the biggest market for it.  If anyone is going to attend SIGGRAPH 2019 this year, please come visit us in person at Booth #647/649 and try our Digital Human Project.

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #010 | E3 XR News
    Posted by chrisadmin - June, 28 2019

    A look at the recent events from E3 2019 as it relates to the XR community

    Xtended Realities | 009 | The State of the VR Gaming Market
    Posted by chrisadmin - June, 7 2019

    It’s time to have a current look at the state of the VR Gaming market, and make predictions as to where it’s headed.

    Xtended Realities | #008 | AWE2019 AR News and More!
    Posted by chrisadmin - June, 1 2019

    This week we’ve been watching all news out of Augmented World Expo 2019 in Santa Clara, CA. There’s some huge news we’re getting about new chipsets from Qualcomm, new AR headsets, and some big changes from Google, Facebook and Leap Motion.

    Xtended Realities | #007 | The VR Locomotion Problem
    Posted by chrisadmin - May, 1 2019

    What options does a VR designer have to allow players to move beyond their limited play area? This week we discuss some of the best (and worst) solutions available, and what we think works best.

    Xtended Realities | #006 | Valve Index & New Oculus Headsets Reveal/Reviews
    Posted by chrisadmin - April, 25 2019

    This week we saw final specs & some of the first reviews of not 1 but 3 new headsets – the Valve Index, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift S. We compile all this info and share it with you in this week’s podcast.

    Xtended Realities | #005 | VR Game Discussion
    Posted by chrisadmin - April, 23 2019

    In this episode we finally cover some of our favorite VR content! It’s a bit of a mix of older, more recent & upcoming content – both games & immersive entertainment. Most of the experiences we picked are stuff we really enjoyed and wanted to share with the community.

    Xtended Realities | #004 | VR & AR News Recap from April
    Posted by chrisadmin - April, 18 2019

    In this episode we break down all the latest XR news from the 1st half of April. We cover the Nintendo Switch Labo VR, the Valve Knuckles/Index Controllers driver update, PS5 hardware news & how it affects PSVR, Tiltbrush for Oculus Quest, and AR at Coachella.

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #003 | The State of Augmented Reality
    Posted by chrisadmin - April, 11 2019

    This week’s Podcast is about all things Augmented Reality. We take a look at the current state of the market, currently released & upcoming AR glasses, current content, and speculation about the future.

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #002 | Valve Index Discussion
    Posted by chrisadmin - April, 4 2019

    Valve has teased their new VR headset, the Valve Index, and it’s the hottest news of the week! We break down everything we know so far about this headset and speculate on how it will impact the market.

    Xtended Realities Podcast | #001 | GDC 2019 Takeaway
    Posted by chrisadmin - March, 30 2019

    Greetings XR Community! We. Are. Thrilled. To release our inaugural Xtended Reality Podcast! ICVR is a software development studio based in Los Angeles, CA that specializes in VR/AR & emerging tech. This episode breaks down the biggest news coming out of GDC 2019, and gives our take on each announcement.

    HaptX VR Gloves:  In-depth Developer’s Review
    Posted by Super Admin - October, 9 2018

    Total immersion in VR calls for the engagement of all the senses. Current tech does a great job engaging the visual sense and hand presence goes a long way toward making virtual object manipulation feel natural, but the big missing piece right now is a piece of hardware that eliminates the “middleman” factor of controllers, […]

    How to Design an App from Scratch Pt. 1 – Core Idea & Product Positioning
    Posted by Super Admin - August, 14 2018

    “I have an app or product idea. What do I do? Where do I start? What are the next steps for moving forward?” We encounter the same question over and over again when talking to clients and friends who want to develop an app or game.

    Star of Autumn – Voice Acting Behind the Scenes
    Posted by Super Admin - August, 10 2018

    Because Star of Autumn is a narrative-driven game where the player can make their own dialogue choices, voice acting forms the heart of the story. Our prototype heavily features interaction between the player (Riley) and Autumn (the station AI), with some featured lines from Haverty, the station’s lead AI programmer. We were fortunate to work […]

    Star of Autumn – Inside the Story
    Posted by Super Admin - August, 2 2018

    On VR gameplay, emotional storytelling, and AI: take a look inside the story of Star of Autumn. Listen to insights on the project from writer Tony Chivara, founders Ihar Heneralau and Chris Swiatek, and designer Chris O’Neill.

    Star of Autumn – Announcement Trailer | VR Adventure Game | HTC Vive | Oculus Rift
    Posted by Super Admin - May, 5 2018

    View the official Announcement Trailer for Star of Autumn – ICVR’s upcoming VR adventure game. First revealed at VRLA 2018. After 8 years of routine deep-space operation, all contact with Pegasus Station goes dark. It is your job to find out why.

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